Exotic Designs is a small studio with big personality. We focus on creating brilliant web , branding and print solutions for the pet industry and especially those with small businesses. We believe that a beautiful website and bold branding is a huge investment to any company and is as important as the products they sell.


I’m a designer with love for all things animals and pets. From those with wagging tails, to feathered wings or even 8 furry legs, I have an admiration for all. I have a menagerie of my own pets including a husky, a german shepherd and parrots (A Senegal, an Amazon and an African Grey). I also love keeping exotics and have a large collection of ball pythons, bearded dragons, leopard geckos, spiny tailed monitors and a hermann’s tortoise.

Working with these animals has me also working quite closely with the businesses that help supply products and services for them. That gives me the competitive edge. I have experience working with your industry, which includes the knowledge of keeping, dictionary lingo, and marketplace for your business.


My name is Ashley and I’ve been creating, producing and painting since I could hold a pencil and I haven’t let go since! My interest for nature and wildlife has given me great inspiration and much of it can be reflected in the art I produce. I have been designing and developing for small business owners since 2008 and since then I have followed my love for pets and narrowed my services for the pet industry.

I have a bachelor in Information technology with a degree in Interactive Multimedia and Design. Being a natural problem solver, I love learning about challenges and the best way to tackle them and provide the best solutions for my clients. I love working with new technologies and excel at learning on the fly.

With a high entrepreneurial drive and passion for helping pet business owners I am committed to helping you bring your vision to life, excel your brand and propel your business in the marketplace.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or comments. I look forward to working with you!